Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness or the "Highway" of Yoga.


Kundalini Yoga is an ancient Eastern science that powerfully and quickly builds physical vitality and raises consciousness., while remaining playful and inclusive.

During every class, you are invited to focus on a specific healing topic through a unique combination of movements and postures, breathing techniques, chanting mantras, meditation exercises and relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga cleanses, balances and strengthens body and mind so we can connect with our authentic and higher Self.

This practice is suitable for all ages, either on the floor or on a chair. 


It provides sets of tools that you can incorporate in your everyday busy lives to face stress and challenges and to cultivate vitality, resilience and sensitivity..

You can learn more about Kundalini Yoga here.

Welcome to the Kundalini Yoga "Sangat", the supportive, uplifting and international community!


Sundays 11:00 to 12:30 (CET+1) 

By Zoom


We will focus on a different aspect of our body and mind during each session.


We will wake up our vital energy and awareness starting with dynamic moves and breathing exercises.


Then we will go for deep relaxation while I play gong and we will conclude with a beautiful meditation.


In group:

15 EUR for drop in, first class is offered

Unlimited classes: 50 EUR for 1 month or 140 EUR for 3 months


60 EUR for 1H30

If you are in a challenging financial situation, please contact me and we will find a solution!

Send your payment before the class to confirm your booking at paypal.me/rajavtarstudio

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5367921527


You could not join on-site or online?
You can replay the class.es of your choice whenever you want.
  • The Chakras: aligning body, mind and emotions
You can watch our free videos on YouTube.


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