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workshop for adoptees

  • 72 heures 50 minutes
  • 77510 Verdelot, France

Description du service

🇫🇷 EN FRANÇAIS 🇺🇸 BENEFITS a lifetime life-changing opportunity to: - get clarity about dynamics of our relationships with our birth & adoptive families - meet & get support from other like-minded adoptees - find peace, freedom & healing from collective wisdom & yoga meditation technology FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS "to do your constellation", means that you will designate participants to represent important members of your family and you will place them in the space in an intuitive way. ensuite, you will step back and look at it as if it was a theatre play. the facilitator will walk in the space and ask everyone what they feel or think in their roles. members will move and interact with one another until they reach a situation of rebalancing. we will try to "constellate" all those who want and we will alternate with recovery time (meditation, walk...), conviviality (meals, help for life together) and free time to enjoy the house and the garden, alone or with others MORE INFO WITH VIDEO & PICTURES: SOME PICTURES OF MY CONSTEL: TEAM Itta Roussos; 40+Y in Family Constellations, Trauma Therapy & Yoga, Laure Badufle: 10Y in Adoption Therapy & Yoga DATES: from Friday March 29 at 2pm to Monday April 1 2024 at 2pm (Easter) CONTENT: family constellations, yoga, meditation, group activities LANGUAGE: English & French LOCATION: ecolodge, in quiet nature, 1h15mn away from Paris TRANSPORT: car(share), train from Paris + (shared) taxi ROOM: private with double beds or shared with 2, 3 and 4 single beds FOOD: vegan, organic & local PLANNING OF ONE DAY: MORNING warm-ups, yoga, singing breakfast help for life together constellation of one participant NOON lunch break AFTERNOON constellation of one participant marche, meditation... constellation of one participant EVENING dinner free time FARE BY PERSON: full pension included, transport not included - single bed in shared room: 390€ - double bed in private room: 450€ (fare for 1 to 2 people who share the double bed) DEPOST: 200€, the rest when the retreats starts fare for minimum allowances at 200€ from which 100€ DEPOSIT: write to REGISTRATIONS CLOSE ON JANUARY 31 2024 minimum of 10 participants required and maximum of 13 participants - no prerequisite - non adoptees are welcome, they might represent but they will not be directly constellated

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