Rajavtar Studio is a co-creative and transformative space in Paris 17 that provides Yoga, Music and Art classes & workshops to support a conscious, healthy and happy life.

Practices encompass Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Gong Bath, Piano, Shamanism, Prenatal Vibration & Sound Healing, Dhrupad and devotional singing, Kirtan and musical circles and more to come.

Find planning and detailed information of our classes and workshops on our facebook page.


Resident and visiting teachers and facilitators are looking forward to meeting you soon.


With love,

The Rajavtar team


The place: a sustainable and multifunctional renovation

Rajavtar Studio is a renovation project from ARCHI OUI, an architecture and urban renovation office located in Paris.

The old-style appartement from the 20s has been entirely redesigned to offer an adaptable and multifunctional open space: yoga studio, music room, convivial and living space. There is direct access to private outside terrace which will be renovated soon.

Use of natural materials (wood flooring and tailored-made integrated furniture) and principle of Circular Economy (CE) inspire peace and serenity to its guests.


The studio is an urban shelter where anyone can take a moment to be with oneself and to share with others.

RAK Raj Avtar Kaur


11, rue Lantiez, 75017 Paris  


+33 (0) 6 67 73 57 30